Afro b x mohbad promo

  • George Guise

Few months ago, we embarked on a creative journey to create a promo video for Afro B, a radio presenter and hit record singer known for the success of "Joanna" and his radio show on capital xtra. What was meant to be a light-hearted, fun, and playful montage celebrating the beauty of bumptious women of all shades, shapes, and sizes turned into a poignant tribute. We deliberately chose non-traditional models, representing a diverse spectrum of beauty – from surgery models to gym-toned bodies and body-positive advocates. Every frame aimed to showcase the intrinsic beauty of all body types, celebrating individuality and self-love. Tragically, about a week after our principal photography, we received the devastating news of the untimely passing of the rising star #Mohbad who was a prominent feature on the song and video. This video possibly stands as one of his final legacies, a poignant reminder of his talent and the greatness he was destined for, evident in his demeanor captured in the BTS clips. Swipe right to journey through some of the still images from the video and catch a glimpse behind the scenes. This shoot was a labor of love and creativity, made possible by our incredible crew who poured their hearts into every frame. As we share this video, we honor the memory of @iammohbad, forever grateful for his contributions to the artistry and spirit of this project. ��✨ #TributeVideo #BodyPositivity #InclusiveBeauty #BehindTheScenes #CreativeProcess #MemorialTribute #GoneTooSoon #RIPMohbad #DiverseRepresentation #ArtisticExpression #LegacyOfTalent #FilmmakingCommunity #HeartfeltTribute #CreativeCollaboration #UnforgettableMoments #EternalLegacy #RememberingLegends #LoveAndRespect #GoneButNotForgotten #InspirationalArtistry


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