• Nicole Krystal Crentsil
Afro-Portraitism explores the art of portraiture within the African diaspora, taking all the connotations portraiture has carried throughout history and applying them to today’s current social climate. The project is a joint exercise between the Artist, multiple photographers, designers and directors - all from the African diaspora.
Afro-portraitism explores the concept of self representation. The project which began with a series of paintings by Hamed Maiye, inspired by subjects who represent the multiple different facets of the diaspora in their own unique way, has developed into a project with multiple mediums. All of which take direct influence from the paintings and explore them through a collaborative exercise that further extends into a collaborative exhibition at The Gallery @ Republic in London on the 21st and 22nd of April. The exhibition, co-curated by Nicole Crentsil and Annabelle Nguyen, extends the conversation based on self representation using artists of the diaspora within the UK. A carefully selected group of fine artists, photographers, illustrators and videographers will be showcasing their individual interpretations of the theme at the exhibition.