Agency Growth Stories: Iris

Get ready to welcome Steve Bell — Group CEO at Team17 plc and Co-Founder of Iris— as the latest guest for our Agency Growth Series. Steve shares his rich experiences in the advertising industry, discussing the journey of growing Iris from a startup to a global agency with over 1000 employees. He highlights why it is important to realign business operations during tough times, and the delicate art of navigating business acquisitions.

About Iris:
Iris is a participative agency that combines creativity, data-driven media and the power of people to help brands, such as Samsung, adidas, Bentley, Pizza Hut and more. Iris is a team of over 1000 diversely talented people collaborating across 14 offices worldwide.

Watch the full interview or read highlights below:

How to navigate acquisitions right and survive during hard times

1. 🤩 Embrace strategic acquisitions:
Look to acquire businesses that add value to your agency's offering, focusing on areas that might take years to develop organically.

2. 🙏 Cultural compatibility matters:
When acquiring companies or hiring, ensure that there's a strong cultural fit with your agency. This alignment is crucial for long-term success.

3. 🔁 Prepare to pivot during tough times:
If your agency encounters financial difficulties or strategic misalignments, be ready to reassess and realign operations swiftly.

4. ⌛️ Invest in senior talent:
To ensure depth in strategic thinking and operations, invest in hiring or collaborating with experienced industry professionals.

5. 🚀Operate with a performance mindset:
Always aim to deliver beyond expectations, whether through creative output, strategic insights, or client service.

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