Ai GENERATION - Scifi Short Film

  • Gonzalo Duque

· Artificial Intelligence is already here. Will humans be able to fight it, or will their culture be destroyed, replaced and annihilated by soulless machines? ·

Ai GENERATION is a personal project, it has been carried out without profit, with exclusively academic and research purposes on the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence models applied to the field of audiovisual creation.

The project has been created by a single person over two months of work (April - June 2023), feel free to share it if you liked it, but don't forget to give credits to the author.

.Thank you so much.


Final image, based on "Vercingetorix throws down his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar" by Lionel Royer (1852–1926)
- 4005 images were generated to achieve the final image -
Process of compositing and retouching the Ai generated elements in one single image in Adobe Photoshop
Sneak peek of Adobe After Effects timeline for surrender scene
Original footage frames and generated keyframes ready to work in EbSynth
All 3D elements animation have been done in Blender
Traditional vector illustration for the SP scene was done in Adobe Illustrator
Final images for all the scenes, ready to be animated in Adobe After Effects
Are you interested in a tutorial on how to apply the techniques used to create this project? Thumbs up and Let me know in the comments.
I'm working on it right now and I'll let you know  when it's available.
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