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Despite ongoing digitisation in Retail Marketing, cashback campaigns have remained stubbornly analogue. From creation, to distribution, validation and the actual cashback payment processing, cashback campaigns traditionally require a lot of manual handling which makes them expensive and prone to human error. Heineken Rewards and more specifically the Heineken Image Processing solution is a game-changing, efficient and intuitive solution that solves the hassle involved in reward, cashback and loyalty campaigns. It is a case where state-of-the-art technology powered by AI is used to truly improve on an activity that would otherwise be time-consuming, costly and potentially subject to human errors. Based on the backbone of middleware solution and with the help of artificial intelligence, sophisticated image processing and optical character recognition, the software can read, analyse and process receipts from the majority of retailers and supermarkets in your region. This is truly a first. Not only in the Netherlands but across Europe. We cannot wait to show you how it works!

1. A multi-purpose application that allows to configure consumer facing loyalty campaign initiatives, including but not limited to rewards and cash refund campaigns. In collaboration with Triple (

2. An innovative and multi-purpose Image Processing and Optical Character and Image Recognition solution that extracts the data from images of both rolled and A4 receipts. This is accomplished with proprietary AI technology and a matching algorithm using a neural network. We have carefully created an algorithm to calculate the cashback per consumer based on the various campaign rules and the actual price of the purchased product.

3. A customised web portal has been developed to manage campaign rules and view the results of the image processing, with the ability to manually correct the system. The platform also helps brand managers, marketers and business stakeholders to collect relevant consumer data, understand purchasing behaviour, promote new and existing Heineken products directly to consumers, and ultimately ensures purchases. This intuitive, user-friendly platform transforms a manual and therefore slow process into one that is nimble and simple to use while closing the gap between consumers’ expectations and company marketing intentions by applying the latest Artificial Intelligence technology and sophisticated OCR and image processing capabilities.

Since the launch of the product, 30.000+ receipts were successfully processed over the first 3 campaigns, boasting an automatic correct recognition judgement rate around 80%.

Considerable cost-savings were also made at Heineken, by reducing internal handling and processing costs by more than 90%, as well as external third party commissions for affiliate marketplaces.

Heineken is 100% in control of all campaign related data all the while staying fully compliant with European GDPR regulations.

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