• Lissy Evans
  • Joe Butler
  • Warren Lee

William Grants and Son wanted to really grab their audience's attention with the launch of the new 'Ailsa Bay' Whisky. We at Tommy suggested filling their new instagram feed with an 'introduction' that was hard to miss, and create an Instagram mosaic. "With exacting precision, Ailsa Bay brings whisky-craft and innovation to a new level with its singular vision: The creation of a precision-distilled single malt, perfectly balanced between smoke and sweetness." Ailsa Bay pride themselves with the way they create their whisky. Using a hybrid of traditional techniques, but then refine the taste using scientific code. INSTAGRAM POLL A disruptive Instagram Story 'Poll' I created that glitches and hijacks the screen to fulfil our brief to "create content never seen before in the whisky market, including interactive 'gamified' content and creative that grabs attention in the first frame." The purpose of the piece was to promote the whisky for use as a base for cocktails, and so the story prompts the viewer to screenshot the cocktail 'recipe' so they can make their own. See the full video in action here:

I wanted to highlight the 'Distilled with craft, refined by code' concept in the instagram mosaic they asked us to create at Tommy. The bottle has such an iconic aesthetic, and so it needed to be at the forefront of the design. However, due to the nature of an instagram mosaic - little 'hidden' details also reveal themselves as the user opens each post. This took the form of short quotes and stats about the product.