ALBUM: 2020 dreams (composition, sound design, production)

  • Greg E [nonsegmental]
  • Allison Tanenhaus

A collection of electronic music tracks created (in ...solo -a la lockdown- mode) for 2 theatre & dance projects (spring/summer 2020)

Myrto was, from the first day we met, so genuinely passionate about locating and buying 'the CD' of every single theatre, dance or other show we ever attended (no matter how big or small the production)
[ - I genuinely never understood this pursuit... ]

Somehow, years later and as a mark of my 40th year on planet Earth, here I am putting out my first such 'CD'.
[ - Maybe now I understand a bit more of her wisdom... This is solely dedicated to her. ]

2020 dreams is a collection of electronic music tracks created (in ...solo -a la lockdown- mode), as part of two independent theatre & dance projects I have been blessed to be engaged with during spring/summer 2020 (tracks have also been edited/shortened to fit appropriately for this medium). Contrary to previous works, you won't find any purely acoustic content; no singing, no breathing, no text; no violin. This wasn't unintentional... this period has left its traces somewhere inside me.

Inspiration from (and kudos to) Mayra & Piedad for their wonderful initiatives. Care & support from close family & friends - thank you all!
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