all the mean things you told me will be foreveronline

Reconstructing gender and desire.

A mixed media three-part study on the reconstruction of gender and desire.

When and how was the first time you felt the male gaze intruding your experience, and its complete take over? Becoming a ubiquitous voyeur, especially in the digital era.
So then the external male gaze gradually becomes a ubiquitous voyeur, instantly approachable through our laptops, smartphones and screens, leading the subjects to adhere their every move to the exact conforming and validating process they were initially conditioned to.This immediate reflection of the whole process of curating your self-image, according to the male gaze or even in complete disobedience to the male gaze, creates a voyeur inside your own mind.
A girly name generator which provides randomised names, widely used in the 2000's and the early use of chat rooms and other social websites (hi-5, myspace etc), or imagined extremes.
                                 // PLEASURE
Therefore the construction of our desires can easily be linked to the constructs of gender both in a psychoanalytic and sociologic way. Your desires are not your own, being that you were a subject that created its identity inside a gender-binary world. The knowledge of this is not as freeing as one would expect. Because having had this knowledge how can you get the pleasure a desire is supposed to offer?
And ultimately how is it possible, if at all, to reconstruct them?
To this last problematic we will seek the answer beyond these binary constructed conceptions of gender identity and desires, where according to Donna Haraway lies the Cyborg.

Team Credits

Stefania Stouri

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  • Independent Curator| Researcher| Artist

Project Tags

  • Feminist Art
  • digital art
  • glitch
  • sound art
  • Multidisciplinary Arts
  • gifs
  • Coding
  • Post Internet

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