• Mary Leonard
  • Dafni Nitu
  • Daniel Herendi
  • Ethan Rawlins
  • Catherine Doronin

How can you create a brand identity that represents a philosophy of being‚ instead of a product or service?

Aman is a luxury hotel group with 34 resort destinations in 21 countries. Founded in 1988‚ the word Aman means “peace‚ security‚ safety‚ shelter‚ protection” in the Sanskrit‚ Hindi‚ Punjabi‚ Arabic‚ Ge’ez‚ Amharic‚ Urdu‚ Persian and Malay languages. In 2014 Construct London was invited by Aman to create a new identity for this luxury resort group.
Building from the quality‚ purity and philosophy of this special brand we created a new identity for Aman which takes inspiration from the earliest form of alphabets and mark-making‚ Futhark. Playing with the balance‚ stroke and materiality we echo the natural landscapes which directly reflects each Aman resorts unique relationship to its place. Creating an identity that was ‘grown not built’. The project complexities included ensuring that this master brand worked with the 34 individual resorts and was able to stretch to compliment each of their unique characters and personalities.


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