Amnesty International x VICE + : Femicide In South Africa - The Story of Popi & Bongeka

  • Grant Armour
  • Jon Kearnes
  • Karam Moore

Female homicide is a national crisis in South Africa. According to the government, a woman is killed every 3 hours, and South Africa has a femicide rate which is five times the global average. The murder of two friends, Popi Qwabe (24) and Bongeka Phungula (28) is representative of the country’s gender based violence issue. On the 12 May 2017, the two young women got into a taxi in Soweto, heading for a night out. Three days later, their bodies were found on the side of a road. Two men were arrested in connection with the murders but were released due to a lack of evidence. In this film, directed by Grant Armour we hear from the families of Popi and Bongeka, who believe that the police investigation was full of mistakes because of corruption and lack of will. We also hear from representatives of Amnesty International, who are campaigning to bring an end to gender based violence in South Africa, and to get justice in the case of Popi and Bongeka. You can support the campaign by signing a petition to demand a thorough, fair and impartial investigation into the deaths of Popi and Bongeka, in which all evidence is gathered in a constitutional manner and submitted to the National Prosecuting Authority for prosecution. As a result of the awareness raised by this film in tandem with Amnesty's Write for Rights campaign, the police service in SA have committed to investigating the progress and development of the Popi and Bongeka murder case.


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