An optimistic brand for Dawn Capital, a VC fund with over $360M raised over 12 months

Dawn Capital are a London based venture capital firm. Specialising in FinTech and Enterprise SaaS, they know how to spot the innovative technology of tomorrow at Series A stage. Dawn were early investors in success stories such as iZettle . Dawn managed several successful funds under a nondescript identity and were easily camouflaged amongst rival financial institutions. With its continued success, Dawn wanted a memorable, stand-out identity that would cut through the sea of conservative blue and appeal to founders of the hottest startups. We created a logo for Dawn that incorporates a rising sun and we dropped the word ‘Capital’ from the logotype. Presented in yellow and white, the brand identity is bright and optimistic. The sun’s placement in the logotype implies a full stop, expressing a definitive air of expertise offered at Dawn. Dawn began to roll out their new identity at Slush, Helsinki, where they sponsored a party for start-up founders and co-investors. They have also commissioned us to produce an extensive presentation that will be used to attract investors to the fund. The fund closed at a record breaking $235M, making it the top European SaaS fund.

In a world of conservative blue, the bright yellow brand stands out as a fresh, but grown up presence
Dawn yellow is bright and fresh, while maintaining contrast to white
The new identity was launched at Slush 2015
We were also asked to design an investor deck and photograph the team

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