And There Was War (ATWW)

  • Corinne McCleary
  • Jermaine Wong

And There Was War (ATWW) is a theatre production based on Revelation 12:7 about good vs evil, about the spiritual battle between faithful angels and fallen angels and their pursuit for mankind. It presents how evil entered the world through the disgruntled and highly ambitious angel Lucifer and the effects evil has had on man since its inception. it creatively depicts the spiritual dilemma humankind is faced with and passionately presents the Creators plan of redemption and that ultimately good overcomes evil At the end of every performance the audience are empowered to ask life’s most important question. “Whose voice will you listen to?" "Whose side will you choose?” Writer & Director - Jermaine Wong Stage Manager - Corinne McCleary

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    Final Call Productions