Antalya Transfer 07

Founded in Antalya in 1989 with a modest number of vehicles and personnel, Fly Transfer Turizm Taşımacılık is proud of being a leader and pioneering organization in the sector that activates the dynamics of the sector, offers new perspectives at the point we have reached today. It continues its services with its young, dynamic and professional staff.

Fly Transfer Turizm ve Taşımacılık Ltd. Şti;

Initially operating only in the field of personnel shuttle transportation, Fly Transfer Turizm Taşımacılık today; It also provides services in specific areas such as operational car rental, congress-incentive transportation, shopping mall transportation, airline crew and passenger transportation, VIP service and tourism transportation and increases its service diversity day by day.

As we emphasize in our company slogan, the most important factor in reaching these days is the value given to human beings, the most superior being in the universe, and the respect we have for our work, with the understanding of “Let Your Vacation Begin with VIP Transfer”.
Our company, which takes care of the philosophy of “giving back to the society what you earn from the society”, has made it its duty to carry this mission and vision to future generations successfully.
Believing in the importance of human value and employment, we promise that we will continue to create added value for our country’s economy with our belief in providing many more successful services to our valued customers with this sense of duty and understanding.
Antalya Transfer, which has been at your service for years with the “Start Your Vacation With VIP Transfer” slogan since 1989, provides instant solutions to all your questions and problems with its 7/24 Call Center support.