• Lidia López

We can all agree on the fact that fashion is a statement; it can be, at times, the only way of showcasing our uniqueness, yet, many parents insist in dressing up their children, especially those close in age, with the same clothes. Have you ever wonder why they do such thing? Because I have. I can speak from my own personal experience when I say that growing up, I felt the frustration of having my autonomy limited whenever my mom decided that my sister and I will have to wear the same outfits. If you were to ask her, she would simply say that “she loved seeing us look the same”. This is probably what all parents think when they do it, without bearing in mind the individual identity of their children. Anti-twins is a project aimed at promoting the importance of uniqueness and authenticity in our youngest generations. The same way it’s unusual to see grown-ups wearing the same clothes just because they are siblings and they look alike, it should also be considered odd to dress children with the same outfits just because they look cute on them. Encouraging children to establish their style and fashion can help them build their own identity as individuals.