Apollo 11 Moon Landing Livestream [50th Anniversary]

  • michael laver

Using the un-edited audio feed between astronauts and mission control as the narrative backbone, Little Dot Studios reconstructed the Apollo 11 mission with a minute-by-minute livestream that played out in real time, 24 hours a day, on Channel 4’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Starting at 14.31 BST on 16th July 2019, exactly 50 years after Apollo 11 left the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the livestream continued for the six-day journey to the moon’s orbit and subsequent moon landing and exploration, ending once the astronauts left the moon on 21st July. The livestream was visualised with archive NASA footage and still images taken by the Apollo 11 crew, as well as specially-created graphics and reconstruction to bring to life the story of the mission from the crew’s perspective. Not only did this format bring to life the magnitude of the mission undertaken by the astronauts but it translated into 124 hours of unskippable broadcast material - perhaps the closest a modern day viewer can get to how it felt to watch the mission on TV in 1969.

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