.Ar:ti|sans DIY Leather Craft Kit: The Making Process

  • Jamie Isbell

In this video, we showcase our love for craft and the process of crafting your beautiful leather craft kits. We believe education is self-awareness and we believe education is D.I.Y. One must learn by experience with their own hands and explore their inner creativity themselves. By breaking down the barriers between art/craft and experience, our .Ar:ti|sans leather craft kits dreams to reach the makers and masters of today’s world. We have created a seamless DIY package to serve as a leather craft course, designed to celebrate the artisan in you. Our goal is to share the beautiful art of making with 1 billion people around the world by 2030. Join our cause to help spread the traditional art of leathercrafting to inspire and share the love of leather craft. Here’s what we are all about: