• Kayleigh Ivanov

Here is my 4th Year Major Project. I wanted to focus on the truly amazing sport of archery. It is one of the few sports that is truly inclusive allowing anyone of any ability to take part. It has been given such a bad name due to its origins in war and many think it is dangerous when it is one of the safest sports. This was meant to be a travelling pop up exhibition that would have travelled around schools however due to Covid-19 this was not possible so I made a model of what would have been during the lockdown period.

To look at my research and creative process please follow this link to an ISSUU page.
For my final project I wanted to show how inclusive and amazing archery is.

The title for my project was ARCHERY = INCLUSION.
I wanted to create a brand for my project so I decided to create a display typeface that was inspired by Bob & Roberta Smith.
Each letter in the typeface is different from one another which is to symbolise how every archer is different. However they all fit together as a whole showing how archers are all brought together by their love of the same sport and embrace their differences.
Monochrome version of the typeface.
Because I wanted to show how amazing archery was I decided that I would aim it at people within high school. This is the age where many are feeling lost or different and lack confidence. It is also where girls especially fall out of doing sport as they are conscious of the boys in the class.

I wanted to make an exhibition space that would be taken around schools that people would be able to interact with and emerse themselves into the world of archery.
This would have been set up in gym halls due to the exhibition spaces size. When they enter the gym hall they would be greeted with this cuboid space that has this arrow and scribbled target pattern on the outside. There is spaces between these panels for people to peer through to entice them to go inside.
They would enter in small groups into the exhibition and walk towards the bottom to the 3 targets.
Once people entered the exhibition space there are huge banners that line the walls each showing a different aspect of archery that makes the sport inclusive and accepting to all. (scroll down to see these in more detail)

Arrows are suspended from the ceiling with positive comments from archers of why they do the sport and how it makes them feel.

The floor also has arrows poking out from it and these hold inspiring messages from archers that have defied the odds and don't see a miss as a failure.

At the bottom of the space as said before are 3 targets. These are filled with arrows that hold stories of different archers and the targets themselves show more insight to how the archery community is.
This represents the target that sat on the right hand side of the exhibition space.

I wanted this target to represent the resilience and determination archers have in all they do. If there is an obstacle to overcome then as a community we help each other acheive it. The arrows shot in the target would be able to be pulled out and read the stories of archers engraved on the arrow itself. An illustration of the archer would be rolled up inside the hollowed out arrow for people to pull out and reveal connecting the person to the story.
This represents the target that would have been suspended from the ceiling in the exhibition space.

This held the overall name/brand for the exhibition and created a more dynamic feeling in the space.
This represents the target that sat on the left hand side of the exhibition space.

I wanted to show how the community within archery comes together and is one unlike any other. Be it in practice or competition people are willing to help. Again the arrows in the target have stories engraved on them and are able to be pulled out revealing the illustration of the archer.
Close up of the target faces that were designed for the exhibition.
Close up of the banners that line the internal walls of the exhibition space showing the wide range of people who partake in archery.
Once they have been through the exhibition then these "Lets do Archery" packs would be handed out to remind them of the exhibition and hopefully start them embracing archery as a sport for them. Inside the pack is a toy bow nd set of 3 arrows, a set of postcards, a cut out 'shape of an archer' activity and a couple of stickers.
Here is a close up of 6 of the 10 postcards that are included within the pack.
Here is a close up of the 'Shape of an Archer' activity included within the pack. They will have to cut out the various shapes and stick them together to show them that there is no conventional shape for an archer.