Arena* 2019 — The Members’ Conference by Design Hotels™

  • Rémy Dautin
  • Silvena Ivanova
  • Brand Lab
  • Daniel Hilz

Arena* is our annual global members’ conference to which Design Hotels™ invites the decision makers of our member hotels as well as leading experts who explore the latest trends in hospitality, design, marketing, and beyond.

For this year’s Arena*, which took place in the ascendant Georgian capital of Tbilisi, Design Hotels looked towards New Horizons, asking ourselves as we approach the third decade of the 21st century how we can capture the imagination of the purpose-driven traveler of the future. We discussed the “New Promadic Traveler,” a pan-generational, conceptually driven consumer who is looking for purposeful and mission-driven travel.
• Concept, Idea & Illustration: Hanni Pannier
• Art Direction: Alexandra Bruns, Suvi Haering, Linda Kunnath
• Designers: Sara Aguirre, Inês Chambel, Rémy Dautin, Rob Dietrich, Vivian Nebelin