Art Baby Nepal

  • Emily Ann Harris
  • Claire Orme
In January 2016, in association with the Nepal Schools Trust, Art Baby will conducted a 4 week arts programme at Kalika School in the Nawalparasi region of Nepal.
We created an arts programme that gave an introduction to arts education and steered the children away from rote learning, used widely in Nepalese schools, and direct them towards independent thinking. Through a variety of artistic, literary and spoken tasks and therapeutic exercises we will aidmed the children to use their imaginations and teach them that this can be a personal sanctuary.
As a group the children produced an artwork that they had a sense of ownership over, an incredibly important feeling for education and self-esteem. The work will involved stories of their lives and their own interpretation of the world.

Following the project Art Baby and the Nepals Schools Trust are now organising for arts education to be a permanent fixture on 52 school syllabuses.