• Anna Salenko

ABOUT THE PROJECT Two creative teams joined in an unusual Union to create a bright and original project. The most positive vibes of the city, its most juicy colors through the prism of works inspired by Hong Kong Anna Salenko and to the accompaniment of fragrant and incredibly delicious Australian coffee TIL. COLLABORATION The colorful and lively SAI YING PUN district is a truly unique place. Here, not far from the sea, you can smell its salty smell, and look up to see the picturesque mountains. The whole area is endless descents and ascents, these are tall houses and flashy signs, restaurants and shops. A mix of Western and Eastern cultures: every detail, whether it's an old colonial building or a bustling seafood market, lives in harmony. And it is this combination that makes the area unique, with its own character and character, with an appearance that is so special and already loved by local residents and tourists. As it happens, both TIL cafe and Anna's studio are located in the heart of the area. Perhaps this was the key to a successful collaboration. The area has become the subject of an ART map, following which you will spend 2 unforgettable hours in the company of the artist's illustrations and coffee from the TIL cafe. Specifically for the project, a collection of 10 paintings was created that convey the atmosphere and living breath of the syp area. The convenient mini format of works allows you to easily take them with you, buy them as a gift to yourself or your loved ones.