Art UK GIF collection

Art UK is proud to have a large collection of Creative Commons (CC) licence images from UK art collections. These licences offer varying levels of image use permissions that allow you to reuse and sometimes remix images when using the correct attributions. To have fun with these images, we a collection of GIFs and memes and invite GIF creators to join in by sharing and creating art GIFs, found on our Tumblr page:

Animation created by Matthias Brown. Source image: Castle Howard Shorthorns by Henry Stafford (1830–1873), Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, CC BY.
Animation created by Matthias Brown. Source image: Audrey Wimble by unknown artist, Lewes Town Council, CC BY.
Miss Jean McLaggan of Montrose by Alexander Mill (active 1820–1842). Photo credit: ANGUSalive, CC BY-NC 4.0
Putto with Stringed Musical Instrument by unknown artist. Photo credit: Southend Museums Service. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0