ArtBrowser Wins Innovate UK Competition!

  • - Eccentric O -
  • Vas Zavialov

Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency is investing up to £40 million in business projects to develop innovative and ambitious ideas to significantly address the needs of society or industry resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. The ‘Fast Start’ competition received a record number of applications with over 8600 projects. ArtBrowser was among the cutting edge start ups to win a share of the £40m grant. The grant will support ArtBrowser’s focus on developing new ways to tackle global disruption in the art market, in particular with the soon to launch ArtBrowser TV. The art world is often perceived as inaccessible for the general public and deemed as pretentious and somewhat elitist. ArtBrowser aims to break down this barrier with the use of tech innovation and digital media. Launched last year, ArtBrowser is a 0% commission social website for artists, galleries and art lovers. Now adding another dimension to their innovation, ArtBrowser TV’s mission is to help more art lovers connect with art through digital media and create more opportunities for the art community which has been impacted by the pandemic. For early access please visit