Artifact magazine

  • Eugenia Ellanskaya
  • Duong Bach
I launched Artifact magazine in my first year at university. It started off as an idea to bring two UCL departments of Anthropology and Archaeology together when I set off on my double honours degree. Having no experience in magazine design and planning I began by spreading the idea by word of mouth with my newly acquired uni friends. Having built a core team of contributors/editors and having found some savvy design aid we produced our first printed issue of Artifact in 2010 with department's funding. We covered a wide range of content with reviews of the latest exhibitions at the British Museum, interviews with archaeologists and anthropologists as well as discussions of the latest trends and news in the world of art, culture and prehistory. The project gained popularity both with department staff and students and we got funded far into 2013, when the project had already gained a demonstrable online presence and had contributors from LSE as well as UCL, Using the basic exposure through we could identify the hours our readers spent on each issue, the number of hits and the countries that were reading us. The results were appalling for a small department publication that gained 15,000 impressions for our most successful issue from countries as far as Egypt, the USA and Russia. I gained invaluable experience in launching my own project, building an editorial team, designing a magazine, developing a brand strategy and of course writing and editing features for a target audience until I handed the project over to the next generation of UCL students.