Arts Social Media Brand Awareness Campaign from scratch

I was running social media local arts brand awareness campaign. This is was a campaign to encourage families with children to explore, like and love arts and help to build kids confidence by taking part in arts events & activities including performing arts and musicianship! The campaign sends out the message that the skills and qualities gained by taking part in arts - confidence, teamwork, creativity, leadership and risk-taking - are the most needed skills in life!
The campaign also promoted local artists and events, inspired friends and followers by running daily inspiring image/quote campaign for 3 months, run quite a few polls and one competition, shared few arty ideas friends and followers could do on a rainy day with the whole family and did lots of encouragement to families to join their kids in performing arts and music classes, activities and events.
I started the campaign from zero. I designed the whole social media strategy, content strategy, graphic design visul content, built target audience user personas profiles, set up all the platforms and did platform day-to-day management to raise awareness. I also attended tweet-chats to spread the word & organised tweet-chat myself interviewing local Area Arts Festival. I am happy to confirm that the campaign targets were exceeded by more than 100% and it has become one of the influencers in the local area, where small businesses are asking to help them spread the word.

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ieva Busevica

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