Aston Martin DBS Superleggera by Nick Knight

  • Tom Zambaz
  • Younji Ku
  • John Barratt
  • Jeremy Richens
  • Gemma Swead

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera made its debut with a starring role in a film by Nick Knight. Placed centre stage amidst a bold piece of contemporary cinematic art, the DBS Superleggera's poise and power are re-imagined through the unique vision so vividly expressed in this film. The DBS Superleggera has been brought to life through the use of photography and CGI. The shoot took place in a former steelwork site that provided key shots, environments and backgrounds, which were then blended into an elaborated post-production. A hugely complex 3D model of the DBS Superleggera was then animated, with dynamic reflections that morph and flex in time with the soundtrack. Fast-changing angles, computer-generated camera moves and perspective shifts convey a sense of speed and power, with the DBS Superleggera bursting from this kaleidoscopic array of dynamic animated forms. Animation and reflection create a futuristic monochrome landscape that appears to shift and melt around the car. The vision of the car coming out of darkness is like a galaxy speeding towards the viewer.

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