Audi online re-imagined

Accelerating the re-design and development for Audi UK's new, adaptive, customer-first website.

Somo approached the project by first considering how it could accelerate Audi towards launching an MLP (minimum loveable product) within a short time-frame.
Rather than attempting to tackle the entire site in one major overhaul, Somo identified the main sections of to initially focus on, ensuring that any changes would have the maximum impact and visibility.
Somo launched the re-designed sections of the site on a standalone URL (, redirecting a percentage of and traffic to the Beta site.
Taking this approach gained valuable customer feedback, used to refine and iterate before ramping up traffic once the new approaches had been validated.
The site breaks the tradition of how automotive brands promote their products online.
Instead of reams of confusing material, the Beta site is thoughtfully stripped back and leads users effortlessly through their journey.
Beautiful content immerses users in the Audi brand, and native device features deliver experiences that are both delightful and relevant.
Audi Beta is not just another site refresh. It’s a completely redesigned web experience, crafted to deliver the best website experience of any premium automotive business.
This modern, premium, adaptive site delivers an exceptional user experience and creates radical differentiation. A quintessential example of Audi’s lasting commitment to 'Vorsprung durch Technik' - progress through technology.
Beta initially launched to 20% of’s visitors, ramping up to 80% over the course of 8 months.
Having compared the performance of Beta vs. the existing site, the results show that Beta has been hugely successful in driving visitors to key areas and tools that are important to Audi.


81% increase in visits to model pages

109% increase in visits to used cars

117% increase in visits to quote my audi

88% increase in visits to owners area