August Fresh: New Content We Love

Each month we bring you the top inspirational images in Shutterstock’s collection. Explore new content and beautiful photographs in our August roundup.

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Image by Zolotarevs on Shutterstock.
Every day, our team searches for new content on Shutterstock and Offset. This blog post showcases new content we love that was uploaded the month prior. We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s August Fresh, featuring the new content from contributors from both Shutterstock and Offset. We have a global network powered by thousands of creative artists from every corner of the globe, and seeing the creativity of your new work is truly inspiring.

For August, we’re sharing the top fifteen images and frame grabs that we loved from new content on Shutterstock and Offset. We’re also linking to a full collection of the top content submitted from both networks to inspire your next creative shoot. Click here to view our full August Fresh Shutterstock image collection, here for August Fresh Shutterstock footage collection, and here for the full August Fresh Offset collection.

Here is this month’s Fresh, featuring new content that we loved from Shutterstock and Offset contributors around the globe.
“Couple on the mountain” Image by Shutterstock Artist PhotoSunny
“Beekeepers harvest” Image by Offset Artist Jan Tepass of Westend61
“Farmer in his field” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by igorstevanoovic
“At work” Image by Shutterstock Artist Vladimir Mulder
“Let’s sing” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Pressmaster
“Hands that twist” Image by Offset Artist Konstantin Rassokhin of Clique Images
“Man in the grass” Image by Shutterstock Artist Bogdan Sonjachnyj
“Happy couple on the coast” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Vitallipixels
“Hot springs relaxation” Image by Offset Artist Cavan Images
“Wicker relaxation” Image by Shutterstock Artist Breslavtsev Oleg
“Mom and her baby” Frame from Shutterstock Footage by Monkey Business Images
“Just jump” Image by Offset Artist Stefan Schurr of Westend61
“The Tourist” Image by Shutterstock Artist Vladimir Sukhachev
“Nepali way of life” Image by Offset Artist Alex Treadway
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