Award-winning Osariya Fashion film | London College of Fashion

  • Calvin Chinthaka
  • Manasha Silva

Fashion Film “Osariya” Fashion filmmaker London | Calvin Chinthaka “The Kandyan sari, also known as Osariya, is the national garment of many colours and textures worn by Sri Lankan women. It is a long-lasting tradition of modesty and fashion which is now facing the influence of modern social identity. The Osariya is a two-piece attire, with one blouse that covers the midriff and is tucked into the waist. A key distinguishing feature of this style is that the saree is not pleated at the waist, but rather pleated at the shoulders. In comparison to the traditional saree draping style. It is a blend of tradition and style; a simple cloth of six yards with a width of three feet with origins traced to the Kandyan Kingdom. Directors note, Fashion has always been inspired by the customs and symbols of different cultures. It borrows and creates the new on the foundations of the old. When objects lose every connection to their history and tradition, they become empty symbols of exoticism. The Sri Lankan, Kandyan style photo shoot portrays contemporary fashion with the elements of traditional Kandyan clothing. These traditions have shaped the aesthetics and values of the community that I belong to. The collection re-energises traditional styles with a bold of colorful twist incorporating iconic dress elements. Vibrant coloured hand-loomed garments are key features throughout the looks as we embrace the nostalgia of the past while looking to the future. These unique fashion perspectives of Sri Lankan culture and fashion have been implemented in the fashion film project. I have always been amazed by vibrant cultures and colours which create social identity dilemmas and controversy within people and their cultural beliefs in different parts of the world. By creating this fashion moving image I intended to bring some of those elements to life so everyone can enjoy fashion beyond fashion. Calvin Chinthaka

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