AyaBambi Dance in "Short White Wedding!" - Vogue

Director Ujin Lin initially sent over a storyboard of how the film was going to evolve as well as a compilation video of Aya Bambi dancing. After shooting in New York, Ujin - who we recently worked with on PRADA's SS2015 campaign & now the F/W2015 campaign - sent the footage to Jack Derbyshire, and they worked together exploring dark options with the music. But to coincide with Pride, Vogue wanted the film to evoke a happier, more uplifting film.

Changing from dark to cheerful meant a slight change to how Ujin had cut the film, which also meant going back to the drawing board with the music. Vogue were after something current, powerful. Jack immediately thought of the new Hudson Mohawke’s album 'Lantern', and the track 'Scud Books' stuck out as a front runner. The song was pitched to Anna Wintour and her creative team and was signed off straight away.