b2b university project for Advertising Week Europe

The challenge of this project was to incourage the industry to attend AWE in London. We got to choose our specific target audience, a main thread to follow (from themes that AWE usually covers). The target audience we have chosen were the start-ups. We found out that their main problems during events like AWE are the organisation of their schedule and networking. We found the solution through the data, or as we called it - Little Data. What exactly is Little Data and how does it work? Small simple facts which you can use straight away and they affect the present. It is kind of a big data made simple and more accessible and useful for people. We will send pieces of data to the attenders to get a response which then we can reuse to improve our services. The detailed strategy: BEFORE BUYING A TICKET Press ads in public transport. Digital ads in specific websites, on AWE Facebook profile. BEFORE THE FESTIVAL, once they have a ticket. We are asking the buyers for more information about themselves. By collecting this data we create a personal schedule for each of the attenders. Plus we see an opportunity to collaborate with LinkedIn. DURING We are going to use the NFC Technology, which most of us use everyday and is a well known as contactless. We will put the NFC tech stickers all over the festival. As soon as people tap the sticker with their phone, a Little´s Data message will pop out on the screen. It may be a short information, funny fact or a useful icebreaker. So for example, in the toilet.. or in the queue.. The NFC tech is easy, fun and accessible way to approach the attenders. What´s more, it also solves the networking problem, by giving people a reason to laugh together, or simply an excuse to start a conversation. AFTER Time to use all the data we collected through NFC. We created a timeline which will help us to remind the attenders about AWE and keep them up to date. One week after the festival we will send the first email (Example: “Do you remember Mike Adams? He also loves fishing. Why don’t you go to Serpentines Lake this weekend?”). We continue those kinds of messages until month 3, when we are going to show them event of the next edition which might interest them. After 10 months when we want them to buy their tickets, and that’s where we will use FOMO (“Sophie, ark and Harry have already bought their tickets. Click here to buy the ticket and join them¨). Also, if we would have the previous mentioned collaboration with LinkedIn, it would be even easier to connect our attenders through their profiles.

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