Babilonia's Travel

  • Bárbara M. Díez

The first ilustrated travel magazine in Spain

Babilonia's Travel is the first ilustrated travel magazine in Spain. I'm very proud of it because in 10 years we...
✅ 2 books published on paper
✅ More than 200 articles interviews and reports published on the web
✅ Hundreds of #illustrations own by the hand of @carlosgarciarubio
✅ Dozens of # infographics interactive of @barbaramdiez
✅ 2 own stops in Sant Jordi (Barcelona)
✅ More than 25 events presented and organized
✅ Two 80-day trips
✅ Creation of # ViajarSinColonizar®
✅ Assistance to more than 30 presstrips
✅ Podcast channel (which we will resume)
And we continue creating ...
If you can read about it: