Bacardi University - D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil winner

  • Ivan Josipović
  • iñigo Echevarria

Summer is here, and Bacardi wants to celebrate people being confidently free. Unfortunately, many people are not confidently free. They have no idea how to dance, party or be relaxed and even more of them don't know how to learn it. That means, luckily for us, that Bacardi has the honor of teaching them. We created Bacardi University, an annual, rum-soaked, iconic summer event & a cool place for people to discover how the rhythm of the Caribbean moves them. Our University will express Bacardi's modern values of liberation, confidence and connection with each other and with ourselves while remembering Bacardi's heritage and bringing the sound of rum to the heart of Europe. We will show Millennials that we care about them being free without feeling judged and at the same time create THE summer experience everyone wants to be a part of.