Bafta TV Winners Portfolio

  • Charlie Clift
  • Marc Evans
  • Claire Rees

Featuring 10 award winners this series of intimate portraits for the BAFTA Photography Archive shows the best talent in British TV. When things don’t go as expected it’s good to look for new opportunities. Sometimes you get the chance do things even better. When the 2020 Bafta TV winners could not attend their ceremony in person it meant I could no longer photograph them backstage as originally planned. So as a way of still celebrating their amazing achievements BAFTA and I set about creating a set of portraits in a new and unique way. That’s how I found myself running through a forest with Sian Clifford, diving in a lake with Jamie Demetriou, buying kebabs with Will Sharpe, and discussing politics with Glenda Jackson. Every person featured was so open and giving with their time and ideas. It was truly a joy creating this portfolio. A massive shout out to Claire Rees for her belief in my ideas and her support in making this happen. You rock!