Balans Christmas x Renuka Ramanujam

  • Renuka Ramanujam

An illustration commissioned by Balans London for their Christmas season. As part of a brief, I created a Balans -inspired spin upon a Winter Wonderland and a classic Christmas comfort meal. “Inspired by Salvador Dali’s Les Diners De Gaia, Cinderella’s ever helpful mice, and of course, the storied history of Balans, comes ‘Crimbo Spice Jam’. It explores the role of community in making one of our favourite holidays as special as it is. Picture a world made of our favourite Christmas comfort dinner; and we the players, making it as spicy and delicious as it is! Imagine, skiing down a turkey hill with your rosemary skis and poles, leaving a tarragon infused trail behind you. As you race across the smoked terrain, the aromas wisp into chairlifts that carry the next set of ski hedonists to the Carving Knife Ski Tower. This is all to make it in time to get on the Roast Tato train with carrot-y wheels carrying you where you need to go. Around the side of Turkey mountain, we can see Brussel Sprout-men that have been carefully crafted and the new stations having recently (and sustainably) been built from a half of a pulled Christmas cracker each. As you wander round, you might see Santa’s depot store “The Old Gravy Boat” chock full of presents to be delivered, and the famous Holly twins skating and dancing on Pudding Mountain. As the evening turns frosty, you can head towards the town’s favourite watering holes and diners, Balans No 60 & No 34. In between their unique bottled silhouettes, their chimneys belch champagne fizz; if you look up you may see Santa in his favourite resting spot – a passionfruit wedge shaped sleigh, a glow of orange clouds bubbling as he enjoys his downtime in the champagne showers. If one stands back and observes, you could almost see…a Porn Star Martini? The crowds at 60 & 34 spill out with much vibrance and colour into the town, as they have done on Old Compton Street for decades.” See the full conversation on their website: