Balloon Dog Installation | Exhibition

  • Alexandria Frances Clow

Originally produced for the Apex Exhibition 2016, this was also exhibited at Unit London Gallery as part of the Hix award. Is art no more than a commodity in today's society? Balloon Dog is an appropriation of Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog (1994 - 2000). I have worked with sculpture, installation, and video to explore the commodification of art, value and the art market. By using inexpensive materials such as balloons and spray paint, I juxtapose the unbreakable and intimidating sculpture of Koons' Balloon Dog. The ephemerality of such materials allows the viewer to witness the deflation of the work over time, and in turn, reveal unique details within the surface. I designed all the shipping labels to enhance the connection with the commodity. Balloon Dog (2016), Mixed media Installation, (Chipboard, Twisting Balloons, Spray Paint, Shipping Labels), H: 218cm x W: 275cm x L: 407cm