Balmain Paris

  • Thomas Lockyer

Get the look - “Olivier Rousteing isn’t just paying lip service when it comes to increasing visible diversity in the fashion industry. In fact, the Balmain creative director is structuring his entire business around it. Rousteing — one of three Black men to ever helm a major fashion house — has made good on his promise of promoting inclusivity by helping Black actresses challenge racism at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and designing Beyoncé’s iconic Coachella costumes. Now, he’s introducing a new, virtual version of the #BalmainArmy where anyone is welcome. Rousteing worked with CGI artist (the same one who created the controversial Shudu, who is featured in Balmain’s Bbox bag campaign below) to create two Balmain-exclusive digital supermodels who embody the beauty, individuality, and confidence of the Balmain woman. “I created the virtual reality army in the same way that I’m creating my collection,” Rousteing tells Refinery29 exclusively. “I’m really obsessed with music [his collaborations with Beyoncé and Rihanna are proof of this] and what I really love about it are the icons [who brought the sounds to life].” Rousteing specifically calls out Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Tina Turner, and Prince. He even says their influence trickled down to how the two CGI models Margot and Xhi, were created.” Full Ref29 Article -