BAME 2020

Our Vision is for 20% of all marketing and communication professionals to come from a BAME background by 2020.

WHY 20/20

Our aim is to work towards
  • 20% of the total young talent that enters our industry each year to come from BAME backgrounds
  • 20% of leadership roles represented by BAME talent
The #BAME20/20 ambassador team are all role models and rising stars. They have each made a personal commitment to help with targeted messaging to young people about careers in our sector. Our  Advisors are leaders in their chosen specialist area of Marketing, Media and Communications. They will champion the Ambassadors and help ensure that our initiatives are taken into businesses. #BAME20/20 will meet quarterly to update on activities and report back on successes. We will publish case studies and measures of successes annually. This is a long term programme committed to sustainable change.
f1 search and brands with values are working together supported by leading industry professionals to create #BAME20/20

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Adrian Walcott

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