Barclays - Distraction Fraud Film


Giving the audience a reason to watch.


With ‘distraction fraud’ becoming a more common scam at ATMs, there was an opportunity for Barclays to educate not just its customers, but all ATM users about how to spot, and therefore protect themselves from this crime.


But how many people would commit to watching a film explaining fraud distraction? Instead, using CCTV footage, the film challenged viewers to play detective – could they spot a crime and how it was committed? The audience was hooked, watching intently (and in their millions) across social channels. The end of the film pulled back the curtain, revealing how it was done and therefore what to watch out for whenever they used an ATM.


Over 1M Facebook views
500,000 views lasting over 30 seconds
A 10.19% view rate (benchmark 2.81%)*Shares of the video defied all expectations, with over 20 times more shares (8,400) than for previous videos on similar subjects.
The film has been picked up by numerous news sites too, including The Daily Mail, The BBC, ITV, The Lad Bible and The Sun.
“The performance of this campaign is one of our best ever, with standout metric being post shares – and this is something that we’ve not ever seen before.”
Atisaa Vasanji Marketing Communications Manager, Editorial Content Marketing
*Stats correct as of July 2016