BBC Ideas - Resilience

  • Emma Burch

Co-founders Bill Elliott and Tom Baker at Kong Studio in London: “2020 has been a rough ride for many people around the world. The need to be resilient on both personal and societal levels seems ever more important. ‘Kong’s recent collaboration with BBC Ideas and Open University brings to life three invaluable tips on how to be more resilient in everyday life, by illustrating an interview with leading resilience expert, Dr. Lucy Hone. “This is the first collaboration between Kong Studio and illustrator Sharon Liu. Produced remotely over lockdown, it was a fast and efficient turnaround. Sharon’s illustrations were brought to life using a mix of TV Paint, Adobe Animate, and After Effects.” BBC Credits: Voiced by Dr. Lucy Hone Produced by Cordelia Hebblethwaite Kong Credits: Designed by Sharon Liu Directed by Billy Elliott Animation by Ed Smith & Tom Baker Produced by Emma Burch Sound Design and Music by Josh Elliott