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  • Gav Gordon-Rogers
  • molly moe

Back when only the cool kids knew about MySpace (we didn’t, until we spoke to a creative technologist), we conceived the world’s first ever branded online widget, for BBC Radio 1. Musicubes allowed young music fans to personalise their ‘musical DNA’ and show it off to their friends. The Musicube towers not only showcased the huge range of music played by Radio 1, they also prompted users to listen again via the in-built iPlayer function. The campaign was a huge success, spreading the word of Radio 1’s eclectic range of music, winning new listeners for the station, and picking up many awards including the BBC’s own internal M&CA Award for Most Innovative Campaign of 2006. "This campaign gives new meaning to the term 'distributed and user generated content'. It creatively delivers relevant and customisable audio streams in a bold and graphical way. It shows the station’s play list in a fun and engaging way whilst capitalising on the self-publishing sites phenomenon such as So much more than just your bog standard banners." - Steve Vranakis


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