BBE Events - Exhibition Branding

  • Gurleen Raj
  • BBE Podcast Agency

The exhibition was based on promoting the Young Black British entrepreneurs of the UK and build the same supportive black communities here and help each other grow and prosper in their fields. As a graphic designer at the start, I and Sheila made an aesthetic board to narrow down her visual needs as she really didn't know what she wanted with limited time. After designing the brand identity and main flyers I was lucky enough to let another designer join me and I was able to direct her into the content creation we needed client had time restrictions design feedback whilst organising the event, therefore, I stepped in and offered to take up a leadership role to help Shiela and make the brand strong with a team of designers. Creative direction was something I was always interested in and will be saying a big YES for any opportunity towards creative/art direction. Follow my IG for more projects! @gworks._