Be More Together - Talk Series

  • Jenny McBain
  • Sam Parker
  • Holly Britton
  • Portia Butterworth

The 'Be More Together’ talk series aimed to challenge, inspire and bring people together through shared experiences and topical conversation. Linking up with inspiring movers and shakers - all pioneers in their respective industries – explore ideas that go beyond traditional thinking, living and creating. Bringing together trendsetters from all walks of the creative industries to have unlikely conversations about unusual collaborations. The inaugural Talk Series kicks off in September at The Collective HQ, as a sneak preview of Canary Wharf’s upcoming programme. From October, the talks will take place within the spaces of Canary Wharf. I was asked to create an E-vite for the first exclusive event that took place in September 2019. After the success of the first event, I was tasked to create designs for the rest of the events in the series. Including posters, flyers and marketing material for social media.