Be The Pandemic

  • Emma Coleman

This project was about repositioning drag. The core values of drag have been lost over the years, as drag has become more and more focused on looks rather than a movement for self-expression. I tapped into drag culture to discover at the core are three universal values; creativity, confidence and expression. I re-associated the core values with the drag scene.

The repositioning was done with a three-phased strategy.

Phase 01.

The branding engaged an audience with the manifesto film. The branding of self-expression movement was based on Drag being infectious leading to the name ‘Pandemic’ originally tapping into the COVID-19 when it appeared in China.
Phase 02.
The launch campaign focused on launching the ‘Pandemic’ and the event, it excited and intrigued the audience. The launch campaign consisted of manifesto film, posters, guerilla stickers & stencils, Instagram posts & filters and TikToks.
Phase 03.
The event created a community. The event identity consisted of wayfinding, tickets, lanyards, merchandise, VJ and stages.