Beat It S2 via Transmission Roundhouse

  • Milly Lupton

Beat It: beating the patriarchy, one tune at a time. On this show, I chat to some inspiring people in the music industry all about their career, life, self-confidence, and... the patriarchy. Plus, if you love R&B, Hip-Hop, and everything in-between - sprinkle that In season 2 of Beat It, I've added another strand of content to the show; 'A Herstory Lesson'. A 50 min mix exploring a certain genre from a certain decade. This week was 90s hip hop. When you think of 90s hip hop, you probably think East Coast/West Coast, Biggie/Tupac, Puff, Wu Tang, Oversized vests with the chainzzz.. not tonight! Boi bye! I’m giving a lil #herstory lesson, playing tunes released in the 90s from women with incredible fashions, sexually suggestive lyrics & the sickest flow.