Beats Solo HD Teaser

Since the days of the canary-yellow Walkman, headphones have been as much of a statement as the mini-sound system. Inspired by a recent project, Bolder Creative resolved to create a visual exploration into the relationship between sound and beauty, individuality and luxury all of which are synonymous with this particular brand of headphones. This striking teaser utilises ground-breaking technology to create truly immersive visuals. Interpreting sound as a reactive organism, the sound ripples ebb and flow creating a breathtaking environment and evolving landscape born from displaced geometry, whilst celebrating the longstanding history of the beauty in the simplistic design of vinyl. Adorned by celebrities everywhere these headphones have acquired an image for fame and beauty, with this in mind Bolder Creative have created an equally luxurious palette that seamlessly blends these ideals and gives you the perfect cinematic experience to wake the desire of any person to consume these world renown headphones. Sound By Alex Kosmidis