Bedhead Be Bold Project Competition Win

  • Ellie Foster

Bedhead by Tigi teamed up with Stylist Magazine to ask creatives of all disciplines to create a piece inspired by a product from the Bedhead range. As soon as I scanned through the list and read 'Curls Rock', the idea came to mind of a rock club bathroom full of women hyping each other up, something I've missed about nights out while we were in lockdown. I decided to work at a level of detail I've wanted to for some time, taking full advantage of it being partly a personal piece, creating mock band posters that referenced the brief, tattoos and even bathroom tiles in the style of the competition graphic. I'm super proud to say this piece won, and was projected on some of London's iconic buildings (Royal Festival Hall, Blackfriars Bridge and Tate Modern) and will be featured in this months Stylist Magazine.