Behind the scenes for Vogue Australia.

  • Thomas Lockyer

Behind the scenes for Vogue Australia. Working with such delicate and intricate pieces of jewellery that would be very challenging to recreate in 3D, we took a new approach to our image making process,- by casting a stand in model or “Muse” we can blend reality with fantasy and create a collaborative image utilising the amazing talents of our stand in model! Here we see Alexandrah Gondora playing the role of Shudu for the day, her energy and movements will translate into the final composition, almost like an actor playing a character in a movie. ''I'm a model based in London, I started modelling professionally around 4 years ago back in 2014. Since then I have done amazing campaign work for the likes of H&M, Vivienne Westwood, Boy London, and shot with a wide variety of talented photographers. I consider myself a show girl, and I love walking the cat walk during the season. When I'm not modelling, I love to play sports. I've been passionate about athletics since a very young age and even went on to study it in college. I specialise in trampolining and have even coached others. I really enjoy travelling and thanks to my work as a model and actress I get the opportunity to explore new places and try new foods! My main motivation and drive is my daughter. She pushes me to be the best I can be. I can't even explain it, but the little girl fills my life with so much love and energy. I do everything I can for her. I came across Cameron's work 2 years ago. He’d done a shoot with someone I knew and thought “wow this work is amazing”. I went on his page and saw he'd shot with Gigi Hadid and loads of other celebrities and I knew I needed to work with him. So I followed him and kept a close eye on his Instagram. One day, I saw an ad that he was looking for a model for a shoot in Malaga at the museum of fashion and automobiles (if you haven't gone there you have to!). I proceeded to drop everything to go on this shoot and had the most amazing time. Cameron had such a good energy, you can’t find energy that like that anywhere else. It was during this trip that I found out that Shudu wasn't a real person! I knew there was an avatar model out there but didn't make the connection. I didn't think it was possible to make someone so magnificent and beautiful. I was in disbelief. She wasn't real? I was literally blown away!” Full Article


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