Bekuhai Sake

  • Stevie Adams

Bekuhai is a style of sake cup created in Kochi, Japan. It has become a drinking game where there are three different sized sake cups and a dice; the first sake cup is very small and holds approximately 1 'shot' of sake and can be placed down with ease, the second holds approximately twice the amount and has a hole in the bottom of it and therefore the contents needs to be finished to avoid leaking out the vessel, then the third holds three times the regular amount a sake cup would hold and due to its shape, cannot be placed down until empty. Inspired by the idea of being unable to place cups down and the fun connection and interaction between people because of this, I designed a series of sake vessels which vary in size and form which cannot be placed down until the contents has been completed. I took visual and textural inspiration from Japanese landscapes in-keeping with the Japanese theme of the importance of sake within Japanese culture as this is a sacred drink and often offered to the Gods at shrines and temples in prayer. Nature is also a sacred and respected element within Japanese culture. It felt appropriate to tie it in together, creating sacred rock-like vessels with an element of play and sense of community between those drinking together. This collection is one final idea out of 3 which I am continuing to further explore and develop. More to come on this soon.