Bentley Centenary Celebrations New York

As part of their centenary celebrations, Bentley organised a ‘friendly invasion’ of 100 vehicles into New York City. The event finished with an arrival at Brookfield Place for the Centenary Concours and Centenary Grand Ball. Five parades of Bentleys spanning the last 100 years made their way from the outskirts of the city downtown. This provided our film with the perfect juxtaposition of British engineering and design against a backdrop of bustling Manhattan. It was our pleasure to be able to capture this incredible event. With a small team of 4 and shooting over 2 days without the closure of any roads, we needed to work fast to get the footage we wanted. We had to plan carefully to ensure our team were in the right place at the right time. We could not miss any key moments and we only had 1 chance for a lot of the shots you see in the final edit. In the film we visit iconic New York locations such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. We also get to pass by the building from ‘Friends’ and the Ghostbusters Firehouse. Beautiful, sweeping aerial shots combine with tracking shots on the road for maximum impact. The finale of the parade leads to the arrival of the stunning EXP 100 GT concept. The results are a film that we are incredibly proud of. The results have been shared by Bentley across their branded social media channels as part of these very special celebrations.