• Ruj Sanghera

Redefining urban cycling

Beryl (previously Blaze) is a London based technology and design start-up that creates innovative urban cycling products for city commuters. Their flagship product is a front light that uses laser technology to project a green bike symbol 6 metres in front giving the cyclist a larger footprint on the road.
The business was entering new markets around the globe, but was faced with a trademark challenge from overseas and needed to change their name. To mark a new stage in its evolution, the company tasked us with a brief to create a brand identity that is an evolution of their existing visual style, underpinned by a solid brand system spanning different areas of the business.
Though the company’s new name was inspired by record-breaking cyclist Beryl Burton, we based our brand system around the gemstone from where her name came. Beryl is a precious green gemstone, with famous varieties being the emerald and the aquamarine. This opened up a world of visual possibilities making new connections with the colour green and providing a solid framework that is based on the hexagonal structure of beryl crystals.
The result is an ownable and modern brand identity inspired by the meaning of the gemstone suggesting durability, quality, multi-faceted entity and intrinsic value.


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